Course Recovery

Gaining Back Credits

The state of our public school system has evolved over the years. In our current state of “political correctness” students are no longer told that they have failed at achieving learning gains that will make them successful in future years of school. In fact, beginning in middle school if a student does not satisfy district and state requirements to pass a course to receive credit for the course, the student is no longer retained in that grade. Our current public school system now passes the student on to the next grade level knowing that they do not have the skill required to pass subsequent course work since they have not mastered the lower level course in order to be successful in the next grade. What the school system now does is credit the student with something called Credit Recovery or Course Recovery, which will now be considered a requirement for High School graduation.


Credit Recovery or Course Recovery is actually a requirement for the student to complete the course that the student did not pass with teacher support, on his or her own. It is typically through a virtual classroom and the student is required to attend the online videos and complete coursework as previously completed in the classroom setting. This “Recovery” course can sometimes be an extremely difficult course for students to pass on their own, after all, if they did not grasp subject matter with teacher support in the regular classroom (even with ESE Support facilitators), it can be quite challenging for the student to perform with no educational support.


beAcademic Educational Services has assisted students that have been assigned Credit Recovery course through our vast network of educators. We have found that students that have one-on-one instruction can master subject level coursework due to the fact that our tutors can identify academic concepts that were not previously mastered and assist the student with building blocks to acquire mastery of educational concepts to build the acquisition of knowledge that is required to gain mastery of subject level materials. Call beAcademic Educational Services today at 888.445.9342 or 813.333.2063 for a free consultation today!