Academic Collaboration


One of the greatest components of the beAcademic Educational Approach is the consultation of all educational players that are involved in the education of our students. Our Educational Directors collaborate with our students’ regular daily classroom teachers, special education teachers (where applicable), guidance counselors, speech & language pathologists, and any other individuals that have an educational influence on student learning.

beAcademic Educational Directors meet with appropriate school personnel to investigate historical educational interventions then work collaboratively to identify additional interventions that may be more effective in bridging identified learning gaps.

Our tutors consult with the family at the end of every session, providing our client an update on student progress, areas of needed improvement and expectations for the future sessions.

Academic Mediation

Oftentimes, parents find themselves in a situation where their child is experiencing lack of progress, missing assignments, low performance on tests & quizzes, etc., and it seems that the teacher is unable or unwilling to find a personalized plan to better serve the child.

As parents, we need to understand the disconnect our children may be having with certain teachers. Most parents say that they can gauge whether or not they or their child is going to connect with a teacher or that it is going to be an adversarial relationship just from the initial meeting. For the most part, most teachers pursue a teaching career because they want to help and be a leader for students, but sometimes a teacher may use teaching methods that just don’t work for a particular child. Our beAcademic Educational Directors understand these types of relationships and have worked hundreds of hours assisting parents and students how to better understand how to “deal with difficult teachers.”

We offer services to help you better navigate the educational setting. Furthermore, our staff will contact the administration of your child’s school to arrange a meeting to collaborate with your student’s teachers to better understand their expectations in the classroom environment. We also gauge what the schedule of homework expectations are and the schedule of tests and quizzes are so that we can set up a calendar to better prepare your child for academic success in the school year.

Additionally, as a client of beAcademic Educational Services, parents are able to utilize our administrative staff to assist in communicating with your child’s educational supports at the school he/she attends so that emotion and biases are isolated from the relationship.