About Us

Our Approach

We care about our education.

Our prescriptive approach works best because it is designed around the needs of our individual client needs and the client is tutored based upon the prescription that is recommended.

 Student Grades

Our approach takes into consideration the student’s academic grades in school, our methodology uses a scientific approach to better understand why the student is not performing at optimal levels while in the classroom setting. Student’s that participate in regular tutoring sessions see an improvement in classroom grades in just a few weeks.


beAcademic Educational Services performs an achievement based assessment with our students as a means of developing performance based student learning goals for each of our clientele. Based upon our assessment data of each individual student, our staff is able to prepare and create detailed learning objectives for each of our students. Our tutors are able to address these goals through our tutorial sessions using a variety of tutorial methodologies that have been proven to work!

Grade Level Equivalency

The data that is gathered through individualized assessment shows what grade level equivalency our students are performing at academically. This information is used as a benchmark to measure how the student’s overall performance is progressing in long term data gathering. Through individualized tutoring, our average student shows one year of growth over the span of approximately 25 hours of direct instruction.

Our Guarantee

beAcademic Educational Services guarantees that we will match your student with a professional tutor that will be able to teach your student in a manner that will bridge the learning gaps that we identify in our achievement based assessment. We guarantee that through our prescriptive approach, our staff will be able to assist your student in overcoming previously non-mastered (or partially mastered) skill sets through our tutorial program. Students that participate in our tutorial sessions see a marked improvement in grades, confidence towards school, improved behaviors and long term growth.

Our Founder

Todd Walden

Todd Walden has worked in education since 2002. After teaching Exceptional Student Education for three years, Mr. Walden left the Hillsborough County School District to become the Director of Federal Programs for Club Z! In Home Tutoring Services, where he worked with federally funded educational programs under provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act. Under NCLB, students that attended title 1 schools in need of improvement for three years qualified for NCLB Choice or Choice with transportation. Over the years, Mr. Walden developed free tutoring programs for students throughout all 50 states providing services to ten’s of thousands of students and built a solid reputation as a service provider with Club Z! 

In 2007, Mr. Walden founded beAcademic Educational Services, which has tutors throughout the states Florida and Ohio.Initially continuing services as described in the NCLB programs as well as providing tutorial supports for students attending electronic classrooms throughout Ohio. In 2012, beAcademic Educational Services was contracted by Hillsborough County Schools to provide educational supports for students that were in residential facilities. beAcademic prepared and implemented a GED tutoring program and implemented the tutorial in 8 residential facilities over the next serval years. Most students that enrolled and completed this program were able to secure the GED certificate. 

In 2015, beAcademic Educational Services launched it first private pay services offering in home tutoring programs to parents throughout the Wesley Chapel, Lutz and Land O Lakes areas of Pasco County, FL and continue to match highly qualified teachers with struggling students. Call (813) 333-2063 for a free consultation today!